Can you earn from blogging and how to make more

Can you earn from blogging and how to make more

Can you earn from blogging and make writing and sharing blogs online make you some good money and revenue. As blogging nowadays became one of the most profitable ways that you can make from the comfort of your home. The technique of earning from blogging doesn’t depend only on writing and sharing blogs but many other options. Such as selling online products, affiliate links, online courses, and education, and joining google ads for more and better income. To know how can you earn from blogging, just keep reading.

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Can you earn from blogging and start your own blog?

can you earn from blogging

can you earn from blogging is a question repeated so much now for the benefit of online work for anyone.

You can start a blog using a free platform for the blogs or you can create your own paid website.

The free platform is very useful when it comes to a new blogger, who wants to learn and know more about the field.

Even if the free platform can be limited compared to other sites, super easy and quick to start and earn.

What is the best affordable blogging site for beginners?

can you earn from blogging

The first and most used free platform is WordPress, which is a free basic blog introducing easy services.

The blogger, a blog site introduced by google services, is free as well but can be limited for customization.

Another platform called Medium is used mainly for writing by journalists, but it doesn’t support ads so it will be limited.

They are all freely accessible blog sites however they can some restricted with the designs and ads.

How to choose a profitable topic for your blog?

Choosing the niche is one of the best ways to make you earn from blogging and make a good audience.

Search for the trendiest topic, the information that people are looking and searching for on google, and make it your target.

However, you need to be unique and do something surprisingly different not only comping others’ work.

For example, fashion is one of the searched topics all the time and life insurance as well so you will be focusing on these.

Best ways to choose your new blog topic and content:

You will start by searching other bloggers’ work and know exactly the success and what are the most visited ones.

Use google to know what people are searching and looking for using google suggests, it gives you the most searched topics.

Use social media to know the current trends, as it will help you to pick a topic easily, like Twitter for example.

When you get the topic make sure to be yourself, to use your own style to make your work unique and different.

To sum up, can you earn from blogging and make writing and sharing blogs online is a big yes, you can make good revenue from blogging by planning and starting the right way.



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