How to Make a Blog on Google and Earn Money

How to Make a Blog on Google and Earn Money

How to make a blog on google and earn money? Starting a blog is one of the popular ways to make money online. Although it may take some time to increase traffic, it is possible to earn up to $50,000 a year through blogging. It may take some time to figure out which method is best for you, but with enough perseverance, you will be able to generate income. So, how to make a blog on google and earn money?

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How to Make a Blog on Google and Earn Money?

When it comes to the most effective ways on how to make a blog on google and earn money, it all depends on your blogging niche and audience type.

Now it’s time to find out the ways that can help you start making money from your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

How to Make a Blog on Google and Earn Money

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money from blogging.

Many people choose this method for the following reasons:

  • Affiliate marketing is a huge and profitable industry, making it easy to find products to use and promote.
  • It is a great side business that allows bloggers to earn passive income.
  • It is a low-cost business opportunity and does not require a huge start-up capital.
  • It provides the opportunity to promote products from different companies.

2. Paid Ads

How to Make a Blog on Google and Earn Money

How to make a blog on google and earn money? Another great way to blog and monetize is to sell ad space on your blog.

Single Moms Income is a great example of a blog that generates passive income by displaying ads.

There are many ad networks to start with, but Google Adsense is one of the most popular.

Some of the reasons why most bloggers use Google Adsense are:

  • Joining is free.
  • A blogger can run ads on many websites from a single AdSense account.
  • Bloggers can modify the ads to fit the design of their sites.

3. Online Consulting

If you are an expert in a particular field and want to share your knowledge.

Consulting might be the best way to make money online from blogging.

Depending on your area of ​​expertise, it is possible to earn up to $90,000 annually as a consultant.

One example of a blogger who earns an income by providing a consulting service is Neil Patel.

He earns $20,000 per month as an SEO consultant.

4. Sponsored Posts

How to make a blog on google and earn money? Another excellent way to blog and generate income is through sponsorship.

Many bloggers make high income by posting product reviews on various items and services.

Through sponsored posts, a blogger can get paid to talk about the brands or products they love.

Show how they use these items and how they can benefit others.

5. Online Courses

For those with teaching experience, selling courses might be a good way to make money online.

Here are some of the reasons a blogger might consider selling online courses:

  • Scale the business. An opportunity to go from teaching a few people in a class to hundreds of students around the world.
  • Increase income. There are no restrictions on the number of people who can join an online course


Just to wrap up this lesson on how to make a blog on google and earn money. Blogging is one of the best online business ideas because it requires a small upfront investment to start a blog.





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