Make money from your blog and earn a good revenue

Make money from your blog and earn a good revenue

Make money from your blog and earning more besides your normal work is very effective now. Many people are paying more attention now to the benefit of online work and blogging. Learning what is the most effective way to get readers and audience to your blog. You will target a specific range of topics to make sure you are reaching a stable number of readers. And you can use ads on your blog and make more money.

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Make money from your blog with effective ideas

 Make money from your blog

Make money from your blog is very realistic and profitable, and you can make it even grow more with side ideas.

Such as owning a google ads account, leaving a space for the ads, and getting paid for the clicks on ads.

Building relations with other blogs, sharing their products, mentioning them on the blogs, and getting a percentage.

You can also be guesting posts and blogs for other sites with a strategic plan to make them more reachable.

What are the types of blogs making more revenue?

Make money from your blog

There are some types of blogs that have a wide range of audiences and readers who pay good attention to blogs.

The type of blog and content you share is also affected by the country you are working in and people’s culture.

For example, business, finance, health, and fashion blogs are some of the most needed blogs nowadays.

You will choose the content that you will be focusing on and work your best to have a stable number of readers.

How to build your online presence and avoid ups and downs?

Make money from your blog, you must be committed to your work to prove yourself and get stable success.

You will start by drafting several blogs up to 90 drafts to plan your upcoming posts and post constantly.

Make sure to mention all the information and distribute it over the blogs to attract the audience to wait for your work.

Use effective keywords to make your blogs come more on the google search and have new visits.

Use Google ads to increase your blog visits and income

Owning a google ads account is very profitable and gets you side income just by sharing google links.

The idea of the google ads is based on the use of your readers for these ads and click the links.

Google pays you %68 of the number of clicks on the ads, so the more audience uses it the more you earn.

Mention the ads in your blogs to attract the readers to use them and click on them.

In conclusion, make money from your blog and earn more by writing and sharing ads, and create attractive content to have more audience and money.



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